Fairmint is open for business πŸŽ‰

Fairmint is open for business πŸŽ‰

TL;DR If your revenues are growing, launch your CSO to get financing at public market valuation. Anyone in the world who supports your product & mission will be able to invest, while you retain full ownership of your company and stay focused on what matters most: developing your business! A paradigm shift.

When we started working on Fairmint 18 months ago, our goal was simple: create the most efficient and sustainable financing mechanism for entrepreneurs, investors and customers alike. One that would align with our view of a stakeholder centric capitalism, where all stakeholders have a right of equal access to the value created by a company according to their investment in time and money and the risk they're taking.

A stakeholder centric capitalism

Our journey started with inventing this novel mechanism: the CSO which stands for Continuous Securities Offering. A CSO consists in putting on the market a fraction of your company's future revenues to raise capital at public market valuation. Unlike traditional equity fundraising, a CSO runs continuously, which gives everyone in the world who loves your product and mission the ability to invest in your company at any single time, just by hitting an "invest now" button on your app or website. For more information on CSOs and how they work, please refer to our CSO Handbook.

CSOs have tremendous benefits for founders, investors and stakeholders alike:

  • Founders can get significant financing while keeping full ownership of their company as CSO securities provide investors with financial rights but no governance rights.
  • Investors can invest in high-growth companies through a financial product that is an order of magnitude more liquid than equity.
  • Stakeholders get access financial products with wealth-building potential by investing in the companies they love and use.
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Let your users, customers invest directly from your website

Today, we're opening Fairmint for business to offer growth-oriented companies the software and services they need to run their own CSO, which includes:

  1. Fully audited, technically and economically, digital contracts to run a continuous securities offering. We also developed advanced tools and simulators to help design the CSO that will meet your needs and business objectives.
  2. A beautiful and user-friendly investment and trading interface that integrates directly into your website (or app) and provides a friction-less investor experience while ensuring full legal compliance.
  3. A professional network of reputable law firms, accountants to help you launch your CSO compliantly in your jurisdiction. We also work with broker dealers that can help you Β kickstart your CSO by marketing your first issued securities to the right investors.

If you’re interested and would like to get a simulation of what running a CSO for your business would look like for your company and for your community, simply fill-in the form on fairmint.co:


If you want to see how what the investment experience looks like, we - Fairmint - have launched our own CSO. Simply go to https://invest.fairmint.co and create your account to start investing in Fairmint πŸš€ If you believe that continuous financing is the future, this is your opportunity to support a stakeholder centric capitalism and get a financial exposure to this once-in-a-lifetime paradigm change.

In a time where raising capital is becoming tougher, your users, customers, partners are your most faithful supporters and it's high time your turn them into your most faithful investors! Get in touch and we'll make that happen.